Simple home improvement financing and payment solutions for you and your family

Whether you rent or own your home comfort equipment such as your Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system, One Dealer Financial makes it an easy and affordable choice.

We offer both rental and ownership solutions


As a homeowner, you know that HVAC equipment is perishable and doesn’t contribute materially to the value of your home. It’s a necessary expense, but there are better places to invest your money to create value in your home. Renting is a terrific option to free up capital for kitchen and bathroom repairs and improving other living spaces. Plus it is worry free.

The Benefits of Renting

Utility or PAP billed (pre-approved payment from your bank account)

No up-front equipment costs

Free installation

Low, affordable monthly rental rates

10-year service and maintenance, and priority access to our service network for emergency or standard repairs

Optional upgrades throughout the term


One Dealer Financial also provides financing solutions at competitive rates for those who see value in buying their equipment. We offer:

Affordable Monthly Payments

Automated bank withdrawals or Utility billed so your account always stays organized and up to date.

Flexible Payment Terms

Choose from a variety of payment options including:

For a list of products eligible for financing, visit our Eligible Products.

Dedication to Service

Whether you rent or buy your home equipment from One Dealer Financial, you and your home will always be a priority for our team.

Proven Experience

Our dedication to impeccable service is backed by our investment in technological improvements and our network of approved and experienced dealers.

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